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Why Wear a Race Collar with Jodi Snider

Protecting athletes while they do what they love is a passion of ours here at EVS Sports and the main reason why we continue to do what we do, which is provide some of the best protective equipment available to keep people protected no matter the activity!

Having been making protection gear since 1985, we have heard quite a few stories on how our products have changed peoples lives for the better and we are kicking off our ‘Why Wear’ series with Jodi Snider!

Jodi Snider was born into a dirt bike household with both her father and uncle being extremely comfortable riding anything with two wheels.  While Jodi was very young, her uncle was riding his dirt bike up a hill that he had ridden up hundreds of times before and crashed without wearing any neck protection.  He unfortunately ended up breaking his neck during the crash and became paralyzed.  He was only 25 years old at the time and once that accident happened, Jodi and her entire family stopped riding motorcycles entirely.  While Jodi was young at the time, her uncles injury left a lasting impression on both Jodie and her family.  It wasn't until recently that Jodi chose to face her fears and start riding dirt bikes again.  


Jodi Snider eyeing down the dunes geared up and ready to go with her EVS Race Collar!


“I was only a baby when my uncle had his accident, but the story has always haunted me.  It wasn’t until this year that I decided to face my fears and go for it!  When I decided to get back into it, the first thing I bought was my EVS race collar.  It’s made me feel much more confident on the bike and helped put my family at ease as well as I’ve gotten back into riding bikes!”


Jodi Snider geared up and ready to rip in the dunes with her EVS Race Collar!


We’re honored to know that our Race Collars have aided Jodi in becoming more confident and comfortable as she’s gotten back into riding and we are confident that as she continues to wear our Race collar while she rides she'll not only be protected, but she'll continue to become a better and better rider!

Be on the lookout for more additions in our 'Why Wear' series in the near future!

Photo credits to to Jodi Snider (Instagram - @jodirt32)

Written by Jackson Halsmer