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The 2021 Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Motocross Championships

Rolling into the 2021 Edition of the Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch we were anxious to watch and be a part of a great week of racing along with being able to observe and see how we (EVS) had grown as a brand at the core of Amateur motocross compared to the year prior. 

The EVS Sports booth at the 2021 Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Motocross Championships


From the get-go it was very apparent that the hard work and effort put in to make an impact on the Amateur motocross scene throughout the year had paid off.  As soon as our booth was somewhat setup, even though it really wasn’t, our booth was the place to be.  Engagement from riders, parents, team members/staff, and even other industry personnel was tremendous every day of the event.  Whether it was from riders looking to buy product, team staff coming over to check in, or people just coming to hang out at our booth, it was great to see the attention being given to the EVS booth throughout the week, particularly with a somewhat ‘scaled’ back booth setup from 2020. 

Unlike 2020 we chose to camp on site this year to fully immerse ourselves at Lorettas to not only get the true Lorettas experience (be without service for 9 days) but also to be on site day or night to facilitate a request from a rider and support #TeamEVS racers competing throughout the week should there be a crash, accident, etc. 

#TeamEVS athlete Cullin Park on rails at the 2021 Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Motocross Championships


On the racing front it was a strong week for #TeamEVS throughout.  The growth we saw in engagement year over year compared to 2020 was also seen on the track and in the results column.  There were significantly more #TeamEVS athletes competing in more classes across the board compared to 2020. 

#TeamEVS athlete Collin Allen, racing for EBR Performance, airing it out at the 2021 Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Motocross Championships


Here’s a quick overview on some of the classes where #TeamEVS had strong showings:


We checked in with both Greg Geistler and Josh Rogers, Team Managers and owners of Rides Unlimited Racing and EBR Performance, respectively, to see what their thoughts were on 2021 Lorettas and how their riders and overall team performed at the Ranch. 

Greg Geistler – Rides Unlimited Racing

“Overall it was a good week for us.  There are a lot of highs a lows and this event and it can become a long week for some but all things considered it was good for us as a team.  We had some highs including a holeshot from Cam in one moto and several solid results from the likes of Jack and Noah.  While there were some lows as well and some things our riders and us as a team need to work/improve upon, we all walked away healthy and are ready to build off a solid week as a team.”

Josh Rogers – EBR Performance

Considering how the week started for us and all of the circumstances and challenges we had to work around leading up to LL this year it was a pretty good week.  With Covid still having a role in our world it made it difficult for us to coordinate logistically even simple things like meeting to test with our riders or getting parts.  On top of that we had numerous injuries leading up to the event and a rough start to the week with no one getting ‘under the tent’ in the first day which is unusual for us.  Thankfully after the first day we started to turn things around and were able to have a good week with 2nd place overall finishes in Schoolboy 1, Schoolboy 2, 125 B/C and 450B.  So all things considered with the challenges leading up to the event for us it was a good week and definitely something to build off of moving forward."

Seeing success on nearly all levels throughout the week with our #TeamEVS athletes/teams performing well, our booth becoming the place to be, and more was a huge reward after a long hot week.  Being a part of so many racers dreams and aspirations to compete at this race is one of the reasons why we, as a company, do what we do and we’re honored to have helped many #TeamEVS athletes get to and compete at the Ranch.  We don’t plan on stopping any time soon either!  Make sure to look for us at major races down the road.