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Regional Recap with #TeamEVS

As we get into the meat of the 2021 motocross season, we decided to catch up with a few #TeamEVS amateur riders who have recently punched their tickets to the ranch for 2021!  We were able to find out how the Regional experience was for a few riders and what their goals are as the work begins to come out swinging later this year at the 2021 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross Championships. 

JR Reyes

Thank you, they went pretty good got seconds in all my classes, the goal for Loretta’s is to win realistically I have everything in my hands to do it and I believe if I put everything together I can do it!

#TeamEVS athlete JR Reyes all business after locking down his tickets to the ranch!


Crockett Myers

Regionals were a little rough but all things considered we made it and I’m looking forward to the Ranch!  I was feeling relaxed but confident going into Regionals since it was at a track I was pretty familiar and my first moto I got a decent start and took the lead after the first two laps.  I was cruising but focusing on not making a mistake when I started to run into lap traffic.  Lap traffic forced me to not hit the finish line double leading into a fast section of the track.  Once I rolled the double, I started to make a move to the left to get around the track I got landed on by the guy in second place and went down hard.  Thankfully the guy in second didn’t go down with me, but I slammed hard…goggle lens popped out and was floating around my helmet slid around on my head so the goggle eye port wasn’t over my eyes anymore.  I had immediately thought I for sure broke a bone but I did a quick body check and after determining I was ok, I got up to get back on the bike and rejoin the race. 

As I tossed my goggles I was having an issue with my eyes and having a hard time seeing out of my left eye.  Once I got back on the bike I kept thinking that I had a big piece of mud or dirt in my left eye preventing me from seeing.  I rode the moto home and managed to finish in a qualifying position still, but as I rolled back into the pits my team told me what was going on…my left eye was actually already so swollen from the crash that it had swollen shut.  I had a quick turnaround to my next moto and had to quickly fix my helmet, grab a new pair of goggles and go to staging so I didn’t have much time to think about it, but the rest of Regionals went well considering how it started and I was able to get my tickets to the ranch!

#TeamEVS athlete Crockett Meyers gutted through an eye injury to punch his ticket to the ranch!

Everyone says this leading up to the ranch, but I really have the mindset of doing everything I can to make it happen and win at Loretta’s this year.  I’ve got a great off the bike training program now and am actually heading down to Florida to train and chase some fast guys and get my speed to the next level.  I’m 18 years old and it’s time to make it happen and get that win this year!


Jack Chambers

Regionals for me was solid! I was glad to finally race some longer motos and be able to show my speed for the whole 20 minutes. The last moto of the weekend for me I felt like I rode my best coming from 13th to 3rd on my 250 while in the 450 class I secured a 2nd and 3rd overall to make for an 8th year at the Ranch! I will be working hard to compete for wins and top 3s at Loretta’s this year!

#TeamEVS athlete Jack Chambers has some big goals at Loretta's later this summer!


Noah Viney

I got 2 tickets - one for Supermini 1 and one for Supermini 2.  I recently moved up to the 112 from the 105 and struggled with bike set up. My dad worked on it all through the week and even into my last moto we were still fine tuning things here and there. I set my fastest laps in my last moto so I'm glad we were able to get that figured out. Supermini 1 had some drama as I was leading moto 2 but crashed and stalled the bike and had to come from 7th to 4th secure my ticket. Moto 1 I crashed while in 2nd place and had to come through the pack. Supermini 2 was less drama - I went 2-2 behind Haiden Deegan.  My goal for LL is to win.  I have work to do to be more prepared along with some bike work as well but I’ll be staying and training in California with my trainer Ryan Hughes and Lucas Geistler to help get me ready for the ranch!

#TeamEVS Athlete Noah Viney all smiles after punching his tickets to the 2021 Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Motocross Championship!


Jace Kessler

Regionals for me were awesome and went pretty smooth for the most part. My regional was at WildcatCreek Mx for the Mideast regional. I was able to win Open Pro Sport but unfortunately my 250 blew up first moto so I had to go to my back up regional this past weekend over at RiversideMX in Iowa. I had a great weekend there winning 250 Pro Sport as well as College Boy so it worked out in the end and was able to get my tickets to the ranch and come away with wins in all my classes! I feel really awesome on the bike right now and happy with how I’m riding. Been putting in the work to get to where I need to be and I feel like that hard work is starting to show. My goals going into the ranch this year are to win. Like I said I’ve been putting in the work and I want to prove to everyone and teams that I can be the guy. I’ve came so close so many times so the fire is burning inside to go get it done. It’s always a fun time down at the ranch with everyone as well so really looking forward to it.


#TeamEVS athlete Jace Kessler on the podium at the Riverside MX Regional!

Caden Dudney

Regionals went fairly smooth for me. I’ve been working really hard and I showed up focused and ready to get my tickets and gave 100% each moto. My goal for the ranch is to always try and win, but also to have fun and give my best each moto I’m on the track.

#TeamEVS athlete Caden Dudney and his family celebrating after securing a trip to the ranch for the 2021 Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Motocross Championship!


Leo Tucker

Regionals went pretty smooth for me overall.  My starts were a little off but I was thankfully able to work my way  through the field pretty quickly with some fast passes to lock up my tickets for this year. My goals this year are to definitely finish top ten in both classes!  Right now I'm taking a week or two off to kind of refresh a bit but them it's back to the grind.  Looking forward to battling at the Ranch later this summer with some of the top guys!

#TeamEVS athlete Leo Tucker rocking his tickets after securing his trip to the 2021 Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Motocross Championship!


Luca Marsalisi

My road to Loretta's has been pretty solid so far. Regional went well overall and was honestly a chill weekend with no real stress.  I had some solid rides and ended up going 1-5-3 for 3rd overall in 250A and 1-2-5 for 2nd overall in 450A. I honestly felt like I road good all weekend just some little mistakes here and there that cost me, but we made it to the big show so that’s we’re all the work will pay off. My goals for the ranch this year are to be up front every moto and to be battling for that championship...that’s what I work so hard for and that’s what me and the team expect. Excited to put the hammer down these last couple months and do some work at the ranch !

#TeamEVS athlete Luca Marsalisi is looking forward to the ranch later this summer!


Ben Garib

I had a really good weekend at Fox Raceway, winning 250 B and finishing 2nd in Schoolboy 2 getting my tickets to the ranch. Now I’m training hard for Mammoth and Loretta's. My goal is to be the best I can and be better than last year at Loretta’s which I got 3rd on supermini 2, I’ll keep up the hard work to be more prepared than ever!

#TeamEVS athlete Ben Garib had a stelar Regional weekend!


Preston Kilroy

Regionals went great for me! Things started a little slow but I was able to turn things around and end up with a 2nd overall in 250 Pro and a 1st in Open Pro. My goals for the ranch is to finish top 3 both A classes and come into the last pro outdoor races with some speed. But overall things are going great and I’m excited to see how things shakedown at the ranch!

#TeamEVS athlete Preston Kilroy all smiles after locking up his trip back to the Ranch!


Agustin Barraneche

The regional was tough for me because I had a few issues on my 112 and as a result had to get my practice engine off the practice bike and onto the race bike in between motos which added a bunch of unnecessary stress.  But I was able to get it done in two classes.  Regionals was rough, but now I have the chance to train the rest of the summer to show off my speed at the ranch and have some fun! 

#TeamEVS athlete Agustin Barraneche with is ticket to the ranch!
Congratulations again to all of #TeamEVS for securing your tickets at your regionals.  Now the hard work begins to come out fast and ready to go for the 2021 Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Motocross Championship later this summer!