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EVS Moto Socks: Premium Comfort and Performance

An often-overlooked and underrated part of a dirt bike rider's protective equipment kit is a quality pair of moto socks. On the surface, one might think, 'They're just socks. Is there really that much of a difference?' The short answer is YES—especially when the socks are purpose-built for motocross and offroad trail riding. A good pair of socks like those made by EVS Sports help provide a more focused and fun day of riding—without unwanted distractions like blisters, hot spots, or poorly placed seams that come with a bad sock choice.

EVS Moto Socks are specifically designed for dirt bike riders in two distinct styles: the thigh-length Fusion Socks designed for those who wear knee braces, and calf-length Moto Socks available in unique Tri-blend and COOLMAX® moisture-wicking fabrics. EVS believes that, like most riding apparel choices, socks are an expression of a rider's personality, which is why EVS offers a variety of color options for each rider's personalized style in addition to the many technical and functionality details. More importantly, as we've already mentioned, EVS Socks are purpose-made for dirt bike riding.

With help from EVS Sports' VP of Product Design, Jason Barnes, in this blog, we share the features, functionality, and materials that make the EVS Moto Sock line unique from others.

TUG Fusion Socks (Thigh-Length)

EVS TUG Fusion Socks are a mainstay in rider gear bags around the globe and a favorite among riders of all levels and disciplines. The thigh-length design of the Fusion Socks is ideal for riders wearing knee braces. Because EVS as a brand puts a lot of emphasis on knee braces, Fusion Socks were created as a key component to pair with knee braces. According to VP of Product Design Jason Barnes, the Fusion Sock's design was first introduced around 2007 and has continued to evolve and improve with each new iteration. The Fusion Socks of today are the result.

EVS TUG Fusion Moto Socks

The 'Trac Grip' Difference

What really sets the Fusion Socks apart are its strategically placed "Trac Grip" sticky silicone grippers located in crucial positions on the outside of each sock to help lock one's knee braces or knee pads in place by limiting migration when riding. As Barnes explains, Trac Grip is a high-density silicone print designed to 'sync' with the Sharkskin liner used on the Axis and Web Knee Brace lines. The Trac Grip silicone marries the socks to the knee brace, locking them together and preventing the brace from moving up or down the rider's leg when riding.

EVS TUG Fusion Moto Socks

Fusion Socks use vented technical fabrics to wick away moisture from your legs to avoid overheating and further prevent brace migration. Barnes explains that a polyester weave material is used in the base of these socks with reinforced heel and toe areas. Ultra-thin Lycra is then used in the upper of the sock to help stabilize the leg inside the brace, lock the two together, and still provide maximum breathability.

These socks have been a huge hit with riders across the spectrum by; combining Trac Grip technology with technical fabrics that aid overall performance and eliminate distractions. Although specifically designed to sync-up with EVS Knee Braces, Fusion Socks also work with other knee brace brands on the market.

PRO TIP: Some riders who use Fusion Socks fold the top of the sock over the top of the knee brace to further lock together the Trac Grip silicone on the socks with the Sharkskin liner on EVS Knee Braces to further prevent brace migration.

Fusion Sock Vitals:

    • Extends to lower thigh for added comfort under knee protection
    • Vented Lycra construction keeps you cool
    • Reinforced heel and toe for durability
    • Sizes: Youth, S/M, and L/XL
    • Sold in pairs

    EVS Fusion Knee Brace Moto Socks

    Learn More About EVS Fusion Socks >

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    Moto Socks (Calf-Length)

    Moto Socks are EVS's traditional calf-length sock offerings that are available in two different Tri-blend options: a COOLMAX® blend with advanced moisture-wicking properties and a more traditional Acrylic/Polyamide/Spandex tri-blend. The EVS design team dedicated a great deal of time working through material samples to find the right balance to ensure they perform to their best, fit over the leg properly, accommodate many leg sizes, and perform for riders with or without knee braces.

    EVS Moto Socks

    Using the right balance of technical fabrics, EVS Moto Socks are designed to fit a wide range of leg sizes and provide added height for extra comfort under knee pads or braces. With unique weave designs incorporated into specific areas, these socks are engineered to provide more grip in some areas, while reinforced heel and toe areas increase durability. Compression bands around the arch add an extra layer of support. As a bonus, EVS Moto Socks also use antibacterial material in case you happen to leave them in your gear bag overnight.

    EVS Moto Socks Details

    COOLMAX® Moto Sock Vitals:

      • Material is antibacterial, breathable, and moisture-wicking
      • Reinforced heel and toe for durability
      • Extra tall for added comfort under knee protection
      • Tri-blend Fabric: 65% COOLMAX®, 20% Cotton, 15% Polyamide
      • Sizes: S/M (7-10) and L/XL (10-13)
      • Sold in pairs

    Standard Moto Sock Vitals:

      • Compression band at the arch for better comfort and support
      • Reinforced heel and toe for durability
      • Extra tall for added comfort under knee protection
      • Tri-blend Fabric: 80% Acrylic, 15% Polyamide, 5% Spandex
      • Sizes: S/M (7-10) and L/XL (10-13)
      • Sold in pairs

    Moto Sock Colorways:

      EVS Moto Socks Product Line

      PRO TIP: Because EVS Moto Socks perform so well, you can wear them for many other non-moto activities such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, hockey, winter cycling, and many others activities.

      Learn More About EVS Moto Socks >

      Ride in Comfort with EVS Moto Socks!

      Over the years, EVS has continued to improve and update its Moto Socks to the point where they are today, and we'd even venture to say that once you wear EVS Moto Socks, you won't want to ride in anything else! A few of the athletes, media, and customers who love EVS Socks, include:

      "… absolutely the best socks I've ever had. There haven't been any socks I've worn that have been as good as EVS!" – Pro Motocross and Supercross Racer, Freddie Noren

      "These are the best moto socks you'll ever own." – EVS customer, Christian Fuller

      "Fit well, they stay up not like other brands, light enough to wear in really hot weather with a pair of riding shorts. Love mine and will get a few new pairs" – EVS customer, Denis

      "The TUG Fusion socks are well thought out, very comfortable and attractive-looking" – Motocross Action Magazine

      "… well-made socks that are comfortable and stay in place." – EVS customer, Scott McDonough

      Written by Dale Spangler.

      * * * *